Electrolipolysis - one of the most popular body shaping methods

Electrolipolysis is one of the most effective hardware methods of fighting cellulite, fat deposits, edema, figure correction, as well as supportive therapy after plastic surgery.

Electrolipolysis is a physiotherapeutic procedure, during which, under the influence of low-frequency electromagnetic pulses, adipose tissue is destroyed, and its decay products are excreted into the blood.         

Specifics of the procedure

Modern equipment in cosmetology clinics, allow you to conduct the procedure, avoiding unpleasant feelings and side effects.

Electrode electrolipolysis

Takes place in stages:
  1. The areas of interest of the body are processed with a special handpiece with electrodes, through which a low-frequency alternating current is being supplied. Under its influence fat cells are softened, their contents are excreted into the intercellular space, from where the liver and the lymphatic system remove them naturally.
  2. At the same time it stimulates intracellular metabolism, blood flow and lymphatic drainage, which accelerates the cleansing process.

The procedure has a complex cosmetic and healing effect on the body, does not cause unpleasant feelings. There is no risk of medical complications or intoxication.

Sessions, as prescribed by the cosmetologist can last from 20 to 120 minutes and are appointed at intervals of at least a week, to give the body an opportunity to get rid of the products of decay.

What you will get as a result

A change in body volume up to minus 2 cm, sometimes can be noticed after the 1st session.  Excess fluid leaves the tissues.  To achieve a lasting effect, you need a course of 5-10 sessions, the specifics are determined by the specialist based on the individual characteristics of the patient.

As a result:
  • taut, firm skin,
  • corrected figure and
  • volume reduction by 1.5-2 sizes.

Cost of procedures

The cost of procedures is not too high, they are available to women with different income levels. And the high efficiency, minimum contraindications and side effects make electrolipolysis no less popular than laser cosmetology, the price of which is much higher.

A healthy diet and an active lifestyle provide a significant help in maintaining the achieved results.

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